The days of incandescent lighting are slowly dimming. This is because of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), a law that requires lights to be about 25 percent more efficient. Did you know that an average of 3.2 billion sockets still house incandescent light bulbs? What does that mean for consumers? Today, we are using more energy and spending more money because of those lights. Below are a few reasons why you should replace those old light bulbs with LED bulbs.

LED lights once had the rap of being vastly overrated and overpriced. Those days have since passed, allowing consumers to purchase these bulbs nationwide. Consumers once feared that LED bulbs would negate outlets dimming capabilities, however, dimmable LED’s are now available for purchase. There was also fear that the LED bulbs would be too costly, but the estimated yearly cost to run your LED bulb for three hours a day is only $1.32. In twenty years, you can save more than $117 in electricity costs per bulb.

Aside from LED’s being free of toxic chemicals like mercury, these bulbs are extremely energy efficient. Unlike incandescent lightbulbs, LED lights run cooler and have a lifespan of 22,000 hours versus the traditional bulb which has a lifespan of 12,000 hours.

As proven above, LED’s provide countless benefits at home and at work. Consider switching to these energy saving LED bulbs and start saving!

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