Read Jake Widman’s article and read the quote from our CEO.

Safety is among the top concerns when buying a home. Is the neighborhood safe, is the street safe, how can I make my home and family feel safer? Consumers often turn to smart home devices for more control, which brings savings and security to the home.

Take in-home, smart security cameras that aren’t tied to monthly plans and help track intruders. Once consumers realized the added value and benefits of easy monitoring inside the house, new products began to venture to the outside for even more control. For example, hidden cameras may be camouflaged in a light fixture or doorbell and placed outside the house to monitor activity and provide real-time alerts when movement is detected.

The bonus feature that many don’t realize comes along with the disguised camera and instant alerts (until they have one) is real-time interaction outside the home. Many don’t notice the tiny intercom on the smart security devices they just bought, but once they discover it, the ability to not only track and watch but engage with—and, let’s be honest, maybe scare off—someone at the front door from miles away is invaluable. Microphones that provide two-way communication will become a buying criteria for security products and have limitless potential for speaking to and interacting with other areas of the smart home.

-Mark Honeycutt