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Picking Up the Pieces After a Break-In

Walking in to your home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to find is your personal belongings thrown across the room and a sense of fear that your personal space has been invaded. Experiencing a break-in can be very frightening, and hard to keep your emotions level when worrying about a lack of home security, especially in a smart home. MAXIMUS hopes this is something our readers never face, but... read more


Install your Maximus in Under Twenty Minutes!

  DIY home projects can be intimidating at first, and add something with wires? Forget it! The Maximus Smart Security Light is different — you really can install the outdoor surveillance camera all by yourself in under twenty minutes. The Maximus Smart Security and Companion Lights are as simple to install as any other smart light or light fixture – just take down your old fixture and mount the security light to your existing junction... read more


Black Friday Sale

  Enjoy Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your couch this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. This year,  the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light will be available for a special price of $149 at from November 24 – 26. The holidays are the perfect time to invest in smart security and outdoor surveillance as packages and gifts are stolen from front doors at an alarming rate. Protect your home while traveling to visit loved ones and... read more


Give and Get the Gift of Smart Security This Winter Wedding Season

Thinking of the perfect wedding gift for such a special occasion can be stressful and preparing a wedding registry can quickly turn into mindlessly scanning kitchen supplies and decorative items. Here’s one tip for both guests and couples to keep in mind: The best gifts are the ones that truly impact your day-to-day life, and an even better gift is one that protects loved ones. Whether you are creating the registry or shopping for the... read more


Invest in Your Security

Whether you are moving into a new home or have lived in the same home for thirty years, it’s time to talk security. October is National Home Security Month and a reminder to evaluate your current home security system – or maybe time to think about purchasing one. Do you feel protected? If the answer is no, consider thinking about making an investment in your safety, home security and security lighting. Although purchasing traditional security... read more