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Planning Your Lightscape

Your lightscape is your complete outdoor home illumination. It’s pathway lights, spotlights, wall washes, deck lights, post cap lights, security lighting and decorative lighting. Lightscaping is simple, effortless and adds instant curb appeal. Depending on the size of your landscape and the scope of your project, laying out the pre-ground work will tremendously reduce the stress of your lightscape project. Here’s where you need to start. Purposeful. Intentional. Inspirational. Before you begin to design your lightscape, ask... read more


Why Choose LED Lights?

The days of incandescent lighting are slowly dimming. This is because of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), a law that requires lights to be about 25 percent more efficient. Did you know that an average of 3.2 billion sockets still house incandescent light bulbs? What does that mean for consumers? Today, we are using more energy and spending more money because of those lights. Below are a few reasons why you should replace... read more


Surviving Daylight Savings With Outdoor Lighting

Love it or hate it, it’s almost time to fall back again. This means when you wake up your clock will be an hour “earlier.” If you’ve ever wondered why we turn our clocks back, the answer is unclear. There is talk that it came from World War I, others say that it could have been Ben Franklin’s idea! Whatever the reason, someone always shows up late on Sunday. On a more serious note, with... read more