When you first pair your device, the Kuna mobile app will ask you to enter your time zone and your location. This feature makes the dawn/dusk setting on your light schedule more accurate.

We care about your privacy, and we don’t need your personal information for this feature to work at its best. You can make your location as specific as your full address, or you can choose a city within about a hundred miles.

If you have already taken your Kuna through setup but need to change the original location, head to the Devices tab of your mobile app, and hit the Settings icon (gear shape) next to your device’s name.

Then, under Location, change your city. That’s it – your Kuna will now pick up dusk and dawn times by your location!

If you run into any issues changing your location, or if you have any other questions, click the Contact Us button below!

If you have an older version of the mobile app, click here to view the appropriate article.

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