To ensure peak performance, your Smart Security Light needs a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, we do not recommend connecting your device to a mobile hotspot.

To check the Wi-Fi strength in your security light’s location, just use your smartphone.

Checking Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

First, hold your phone next to your existing outdoor light fixture, or anywhere you plan to install a smart security light.

Next, connect your phone to your local Wi-Fi network and see if you get 2 bars of Wi-Fi signal or more.

If your Wi-Fi signal is too weak, we recommend you move your router closer to your outdoor light, or invest in a Wi-Fi range extender or new router.

For detailed information about improving your Wi-Fi setup, please check out this article.

Checking Your Upload Speed

Your local Wi-Fi network should also have at least 2 Mbps upload and download speeds. This helps your smart security light maintain excellent picture quality in your live feed and your recordings.

You can learn your upload speed by holding your phone next to your security light installation spot and running a speed test at on your mobile browser. You can also download their app for iPhone or Android.

Checking Your Wi-Fi on Android

If you have an Android mobile device, we recommend using the Wi-Fi Analyzer app. This gives you a more accurate signal strength, and it lets you know which Wi-Fi channels in your area are less crowded. We strongly recommend that you select channel 1, 6 or 11 when you configure your router settings – to minimize interference from other local Wi-Fi networks.

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