If your Smart Security Light is recording, but you’re not getting push notifications on your mobile device, please check that you have alerts enabled. Here’s how to do that!

Step 1 – Check Your Kuna App Settings

Enter the Settings tab of the Kuna mobile app, click Alerts, and enable either Global Alerts or Individual Alerts for each Kuna.

Step 2 – Check Your Mobile Settings

If Alerts are enabled, please make sure that push notifications are turned on for your mobile device as well. Even if you have alerts turned on in the Kuna app, this will not override your phone settings.

For an iOS Device

Go to your home screen and find the Settings app. Then, scroll down to Kuna, and enter the Notifications center. Make sure that Allow Notifications is selected. We also suggest that you enable Sounds, Badges, and the Banner style of alerts.

For an Android Device

Go to your home screen and find your Settings app. Then, scroll down to the Application Manager option. From here, find the Kuna app, and make sure that Show Notifications is selected.

If you’re still not getting push notifications from your Kuna Powered Device, please reach out by clicking the Contact Us button below. We can help!

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