Yes! Unlike a traditional infrared camera, your Smart Security Light uses the light bulb to illuminate the scene and capture full color recordings – even at night.

We suggest setting your light from dawn to dusk, as your Smart Security Light uses a vision-based detection algorithm to capture events in the field of view. If you would like, though, you can set your light schedule settings to use motion, and the light bulb will turn on as soon as motion is detected – without being on all night.

The type of light bulb that you use with your Smart Security Light will play a part in the quality of your nighttime detection. For the light bulb type, we recommend a bulb of 800 lumens or less, to minimize glare. Our tests show the best results from a standard A-15 LED or CFL bulb of 450 lumens.

When your Smart Security Light is facing a wall or other reflective surface, like the photo below, you will have a better nighttime viewing experience.

If your Smart Security Light is looking out to a dark background, or is not near a reflective surface, it is possible that you will experience some glare on the live feed.

Your Smart Security Light is designed to pick up motion within 10 feet of where it is installed. When a person is within that range, you should have no problem seeing them clearly – even if your camera is looking out a dark background.

To get a better idea of what to expect, we encourage you to check out real examples of nighttime videos on our YouTube page.

If you have any questions about nighttime viewing, click the Contact Us button below!

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