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My Security Light Can’t Connect to WiFi

Please confirm that you’ve selected the correct Wi-Fi network in the setup screen, and double-check that your Wi-Fi password is correct. We always recommend using our “show password” feature during setup. You can also check your Wi-Fi password by having your mobile device “forget” your Wi-Fi network and connecting to it again. For more information about offline issues, check out this article. read more

Why Am I Having Live Feed Issues or Going Offline?

In addition to having good upload speed bitrate, Wi-Fi signal strength is also important. Wi-Fi signal strength is how powerful the signal your Wi-Fi enabled device is receiving There are many factors that can cause your device to not receive a strong Wi-Fi signal. Here are four of the most common ones: 1. Your Router Is Too Far From Your Smart Security Light Normally, we like to see the router within 15 feet of the... read more

Will My Norton Core Router Work With My Camera?

The Norton Core is currently not compatible with Maximus Lights. This router interferes with the communication process between cameras and the Kuna servers, even when all the router security settings are turned off. We hope to have a fix available in the future, but for the time being, we do not recommend using a Norton Core router with any Kuna Powered Devices. read more

How Do I Change My WiFi?

To change the Wi-Fi network that your security light is connected to, simply select “Change Wi-Fi Network” on your camera settings page in the Kuna App. You will need to do this if you change your Wi-Fi credentials (network name or password), or you want to connect your security light to a new wireless access point (including a new router or Wi-Fi extender). read more

My Security Light Is Offline

If your Smart Security Light has been offline for more than 10 minutes, you may need to take it back through the set-up process to bring it online again. Here are a few simple steps to try and get it back online: Step 1 – Power Cycle Your Security Light Please turn off your device (using the light switch it’s connected to) and wait at least 10 seconds. Then, turn the light switch back on.... read more