Using the Kuna App

Setting Your Location

When you first pair your device, the Kuna mobile app will ask you to enter your time zone and your location. This feature makes the dawn/dusk setting on your light schedule more accurate. We care about your privacy, and we don’t need your personal information for this feature to work at its best. You can make your location as specific as your full address, or you can choose a city within about a hundred miles.... read more

Viewing Your Live Video Feed

Once you’ve set up your Smart Security Light or Toucan Surveillance Kit, you can access and view your camera’s live video feed at any time. For added convenience, two users can view a camera’s live feed on two different mobile devices at the same time. We currently support only two simultaneous viewers. Open the Devices Tab of the Kuna mobile app, and simply tap anywhere on the thumbnail of the specific camera for the video... read more

What Mobile Devices Are Supported by Kuna?

Before you install your Kuna Powered Device, check to make sure you’re using a compatible mobile device! The legacy version of the Kuna mobile app supports all iOS devices running iOS7 and above (iPhone 4S and above and iPads enabled with Bluetooth 4 capability) and Android devices supporting Bluetooth LE and Android 4.4 and above (Kit Kat). The newest version of the Kuna mobile app supports all iOS devices running iOS9 and above, as long... read more

Accessing Kuna from Different Mobile Devices

You can log in to your Kuna account from any compatible smartphone or tablet you like, as long as you have the Kuna App downloaded. The Kuna App is available in the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices). This will allow you to connect to your security lights and begin receiving alerts. Kuna also offers the ability to create multiple logins, so you can share access with... read more

Sharing Your Kuna Powered Device

A Kuna Powered Device may only have one owner at any time. The owner may, however, choose to provide access to the device to others, so that they can view the live feed or recordings. Note that the other user now has the ability to delete the recordings or change the settings on the camera. This user cannot however re-setup the camera (that is, change the Wi-Fi network). Only the owner may take the camera... read more