Using the Kuna App

How Do I Delete My Camera?

You can now delete a camera yourself, directly from the Kuna App! Only camera owners (not shared users) can remove a camera. To delete your camera, tap the gear icon in the camera thumbnail (on the Devices page of the Kuna App). Scroll down to the bottom of your camera settings page, then tap “Delete Device”. Select “Continue” on the next page if you’re ready to complete the deletion. IMPORTANT: Deleting a camera is effectively... read more

I’m Not Getting Notifications

If your Smart Security Light is recording, but you’re not getting push notifications on your mobile device, please check that you have alerts enabled. Here’s how to do that! Step 1 – Check Your Kuna App Settings Enter the Settings tab of the Kuna mobile app, click Alerts, and enable either Global Alerts or Individual Alerts for each Kuna. Step 2 – Check Your Mobile Settings If Alerts are enabled, please make sure that push... read more

Removing Shared Camera Access

This article tells you how to remove shared access to your camera, or stop viewing cameras that have been shared with you. For information on how to share access to your camera with a friend or family member, click here. If you have shared access with someone and want to remove that access, first visit the Devices tab of the mobile app and open the individual device settings by clicking the gear-shaped settings tab. On... read more

Getting the Kuna App

Simply visit on an Apple or Android device, and you will automatically be redirected to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Kuna mobile app. When you open the app for the first time, tap the Get Started button and enter your information. Once you have a Kuna App Account, you’re ready to start connecting your cameras. Click here for more information on how to get started with your new devices!... read more

My App Feature Isn’t Working

Because of the time lapse between manufacturing Kuna Powered Devices and when they reach you, your device likely has an older version of firmware running on it. Sometimes, this means the features that are shown in the app aren’t available to you just yet. You may see an error message that says “that didn’t seem to work” when you try to set the light schedule, volume or sensitivity. How to Update Your Firmware Your Kuna... read more