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Kuna Onboarding Email Series

Day 1 of 3: Let’s Check Your Setup It looks like you recently set up your first Kuna Powered Device. Nice work!First, let’s double check to make sure your Kuna Powered Device is up-to-date and all your account information is correct! Did you set up with the right email? The email you used on the app is your Kuna App Account email. Make sure you log in with this exact email address and password to... read more

Setting Up a Light Schedule

You can set when your device turns on and off, with a light schedule, and upon motion detection. Tap the Settings Gear for the light you want to adjust in the Cameras tab of the app. Then scroll down to the Light section and tap Light Settings. Your device’s Light Schedule settings are fully customizable. For example, if you want your light to turn on automatically in the evening, but off at night to save... read more

Setting Up Alerts for Individual Devices

You can turn push notifications for your security lights on or off by going into your App Settings. First, click the Account icon in the toolbar. Then select Notifications. Next, you’ll be presented with a menu that allows you to turn on notifications globally (for all of your security lights at the same time) or individually for each device. This is useful if, for example, you want to get alerts from your Front Door camera,... read more

Playback on Detection

You have the ability to play a pre-recorded message when something is detected! By default, this feature is turned off, but you can follow the instructions below to turn it on. The chime (default sound) is intended to do the following Let someone know there’s a security system present to detect and deter. Get visitors/burglars to look at the camera to more clearly see their face. Act as a deterrent for poor behavior if people... read more

Leave a Video Voicemail!

In addition to playing a pre-recorded message when someone is detected, you can now set your outgoing message to Video Voicemail! This new feature will prompt visitors to “leave a message” for you, that you can review later. Available Messages The messages available for this feature are all of the pre-recorded messages (including seasonal ones), the “chime message“, and the new Video Voicemail feature! This feature can be enabled in your device’s Settings section, under... read more