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I Can’t Find My Device in the Setup Screen

I have only one device, but I see many show up in the list This is an error on an early version of the Android app. Please update your Android app to the latest version by going to on your Android device. I do not see any devices show up in the list Kuna uses Bluetooth LE (otherwise known as Bluetooth 4) for setup. You’ll need to be within 5 feet of the device... read more

I’m Getting False Detections or Missed Detections

If your Kuna is detecting too much or too little, you can adjust the sensitivity yourself. For complete instructions, check out this article. First, go to the Cameras tab and tap on the small gear icon on the preview thumbnail for the light you want to adjust. Next, scroll to the bottom of the camera settings view to the Motion Sensitivity slider. 100 is most sensitive, 0 is least sensitive. If you’re getting a lot... read more

How to Get the Best Out of Your Smart Security Light

You can improve your smart security light’s performance by optimizing its settings. This article outlines our best practices for security light placement and maintenance, adjusting your settings, and improving your Wi-Fi stability. Section 1: Device Placement Installing Your Security Light Section 2: Wi-Fi and Connectivity Router Placement, Router Settings, Using Extenders and Multiple Routers Section 3: Kuna App Settings Motion Sensitivity, Notifications, Light Schedule, Play Sound on Detection, Status LED, Speaker Volume Section 4: Device... read more

Smart Security Light Installation Guide

We’ve designed the Smart Security Light to replace your existing light fixture in a few easy steps. Just take down your old fixture and connect the Smart Security Light to your existing power wires, then mount the light to your junction box. Printed copies of our Quick Start Guide and Installation Guide are included in the box. WARNING: 120V AC light installation requires knowledge of lighting and electrical systems. Do not attempt to install a... read more

Setting Up Your New Smart Security Light

To setup your new Smart Security Light, please make sure it’s successfully installed, and that status LED on the bottom left-hand side of your light is flashing red. This flashing red status LED means that your Smart Security Light is ready to be paired to your Kuna account! If your Smart Security Light has not been installed yet, please refer to our installation instructions. Step 1 – Download the Kuna App First, download the free... read more