Detection and Recordings

How Do I Download a Recording?

To download a recording, open the Kuna mobile app and head to the Events tab. From there, simply select the recording to load it. Once the chosen recording has loaded, you can tap the download button and the recording will be saved to your phone. From the Events tab, if you swipe left on any recording, you will also expose the option to download that recording directly. Once downloaded, you can find the recording in... read more

How Long Will My Recordings Be Available?

All Kuna Powered Devices come standard with a 2-hour download and “look back” window. With Kuna’s Premium Plans, you can “go back in time” to access every event that your Smart Security Light generated for up to 30 days (see plans and pricing). read more

How Does Kuna Store My Recordings?

Kuna safely stores every captured event in our secure cloud, allowing for uninterrupted video in the case of network connection issues. Our optional Premium Plans provide a simple and secure way to automatically store captured events for up to 30 days. read more

Why Only 2 Hours for Free?

Kuna’s mission is to help empower you to stop break-ins before they happen. Our devices are designed to detect activity and alert you when people are approaching, so you can safely take action using your Kuna’s light, live feed, two-way intercom, prerecorded deterrent messages, and 100 decibel siren. On top of these robust live interaction features, we automatically record and securely store every event detected for you, free of charge, for 2 hours. Our complimentary... read more

Recovering Deleted or Missing Recordings

If you’re missing a recording, we may be able to help you retrieve it. However, we cannot retrieve deleted recordings or live feed footage. I deleted a recording from the Kuna App. Can you help me get it back? Sorry, no. Once you delete a recording, it’s gone. It will disappear from your Kuna App and the Kuna servers. Please DO NOT delete recordings unless you are absolutely sure you don’t need them anymore! My... read more