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Is My Device Compatible with a Companion Light?

Do you already have a Smart Security Light or Kuna Powered Device installed? Before purchasing a matching Companion light, let’s make sure that your current light is Companion compatible. There are two easy options to check this compatibility: Option 1: Companion Pairing Process The first option for checking if your current light is compatible with a Companion light is by attempting the Companion Pairing Process. Open the Kuna mobile app, and click the Add Devices... read more

What If I Have Two or More Lights On the Same Switch?

If you don’t need extra security lights, but still want matching light fixtures, our Companion lights are a great solution. A Companion light is designed to sync with a full smart security light and mimic its light schedule, but it doesn’t have a camera or intercom. Companion lights are available for all security light models. If you purchase a full smart security light and a Companion light together, as part of a bundle, you’ll save... read more

Do My Companion Lights Need to Be on a Plan?

Companion lights do not have a camera, so they are not counted as part of a Premium Plan. For example, if you have three Companion lights and two full Kunas, you will be able to purchase any plan that supports two or more Kunas. read more

Pairing a Companion Light

To set up your new Companion Light, you will need to pair it with a full Smart Security Light. Please make sure that you have your Companion Light correctly installed, powered on, and within 30 feet of your Smart Security Light. Your Smart Security Light will also need to be powered on and online (solid blue status LED). Before we get started, make sure that your Companion Light has a solid red status LED and... read more