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Can I Put My Camera Floodlight on Kuna AI?

If your Camera Floodlight is not detecting motion correctly, or you’re getting too many false alerts, you can try putting the camera on Kuna AI. It’s important to know that Kuna AI may decrease your floodlight’s range of detection to approximately 30 feet (rather than the maximum of 70 feet), depending on your setup. However, many Camera Floodlight customers prefer using Kuna AI, so we encourage you to give it a try! AI is currently... read more

What Bulbs Does My Floodlight Use? Can I Replace Them?

Your camera floodlight uses non-replaceable LED panels that are designed to last for the life of your device. They’re low energy, they’re adjustable, and they’re dimmable from a slider in your app! This is located on the camera view screen on your devices page. Your camera floodlight’s LED panels will provide up to 2400 lumen of bright white light for years to come – even if you leave you lights on all night, every night.... read more

Adjusting Your Floodlight’s Motion Detection Sensitivity

Your Camera Floodlight is designed to work best with standard motion detection. However, you can put your Camera Floodlight on Kuna AI if you have a Premium Plan. To help you customize your motion detection settings, your Camera Floodlight also has an adjustable Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) lens and camera! Adjusting the PIR Keep your Camera Floodlight’s PIR lens horizontal (parallel to the ground) to get the maximum detection range for your setup. You can... read more

Camera Floodlight Installation Guide

We’ve designed the Camera Floodlight to replace your existing light fixture in a few easy steps. Just take down your old fixture and connect the Camera Floodlight to your existing power wires, then mount the light to your junction box. A complete user manual is included. WARNING: 120V AC light installation requires knowledge of lighting and electrical systems. Do not attempt to install a Camera Floodlight yourself if you are unfamiliar with outdoor lighting. Please... read more

Setting Up Your New Camera Floodlight

To set up your new Camera Floodlight, please make sure it’s successfully installed, and that the status LED on the bottom of the motion sensor is flashing red. This flashing red status LED means that your Camera Floodlight is ready to be paired to your Kuna App Account! If your Camera Floodlight has not been installed yet, please refer to our installation instructions. Step 1 – Download the Kuna App First, download the free Kuna... read more