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This brand new entrant from CES 2019 is the first video doorbell to have two cameras. As a result, DualCam offers a wide field of view that cannot easily be covered. The device also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

DIY Security

Posted on February 5, 2019

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Smart security lights provide significant convenience, as they replace existing light fixtures and can be easily installed in less than 15 minutes.

Best of CES 2019 Awards

Posted on February 1, 2019

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What sets the Maximus DualCam Video Doorbell apart from the rest is that one of the cameras faces forward—per usual—while the second one is angled down to give you a more complete look at who’s waiting at the door, whether it be a package or a person.

Our 29 Favorite CES Smart Home Gadgets

Posted on January 28, 2019

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One of the primary reasons we installed a video doorbell was so we could see when and if we get packages delivered. Finally, someone has created a video doorbell with two cameras – one pointing at eye level to see people coming, and another pointing down to see packages. Maximus claims higher resolution and faster time to view live visitors. The app shows the two video streams simultaneously so you can see both angles.

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Freshly unveiled at CES 2019, the Maximus Video Doorbell brings something new to the party by throwing two cameras into the mix – one to look your doorstepper in the face, and one to look at the packages being left down at foot level, just in case they get pinched.

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This is a video doorbell with two motion-sensing 1080p HDR cameras. You can view the two-camera feed on your phone through the Kuna app, and when someone rings your door, it pings your phone. Mics also allow you to talk to visitors.