MAXIMUS is excited to announce our newest smart security product, the Smart Motion Security Light! We are so excited to be unveiling this new smart security light this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Just like the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light, the new smart motion security light provides continuous outdoor surveillance by tapping into live power from the home to deliver convenient home video monitoring to consumers. Below are some of the key features that make this smart flood light stand out amongst its competitors:



Detection Range

The MAXIMUS Smart Motion Security Light detection range of 70 feet allows for increased motion detection of objects – such as a car approaching your home from the distance.

5GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity

Stronger Wi-Fi allows you to place your smart motion security light farther away from your Wi-Fi router, allowing for more protection in areas that are harder to cover.

Eave or Wall Mountable

The ability to mount the device both under the eave of your home or directly on the wall. This allows for complete control and placement of your outdoor light fixture.

Panel Lights Vs. Spotlights

MAXIMUS uses panel lights instead of spotlights because the field of vision is wider and can be emitted over a larger area. This means that even when the lights are dimmed or are at a lower lumen level, you are getting an optimum outdoor lighting experience.

Dimming Capabilities

With MAXIMUS, you can control the brightness of your lights, making your lighting solution ideal for any time of day.

155-Degree Field of Vision

MAXIMUS’s 155-degree camera has a wider field of vision in order to capture more surface area. In addition to the camera FOV, our ball design allows for an extra 40 degrees in any forward-facing direction for ideal video capture.

Interested in getting your hands on the smart motion security light? It will be available later this spring for $249.99. Sign up (here) and get an email update once the light becomes available for purchase.