The winter months can be full of family, vacations or warm nights by the fire. Unfortunately, a vacation for us means a dark and often unwatched home to others. However you’d like to spend your days this winter, make sure they are safe. The following is a list of simple ways to keep your home secure and safe this winter.






Keep Your Chimney Clean

It is important to get your chimney inspected and cleaned annually. Furthermore, keep a fire extinguisher nearby when using your fire place. An added benefit to annual inspections is that it can help you find structural issues and leaks early on.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Those fall leaves stuck in your gutter could cause a serious overflow of snow in the winter. Those beautiful icicles that we love are extremely sharp and dangerous. Keep your gutters as clean as possible through the winter months.

Keep Your Pavement Shoveled

An un-shoveled pathway is a sure sign that no one is home, leading to a green light for potential intruders. Furthermore, icy pathways can be dangerous for a passerby. If you leave your home empty in the winter months, hire a service to come and clear your driveway. If you are home, salt your walk ways and take the time to clear your cement in order to keep it safer for your family, and to ensure that your home looks occupied even if it may not be.

Consider Outdoor Lighting

To make up for the time change, consider installing outdoor lighting. Motion sensor lights are the perfect solution for those who don’t want their houses illuminated all day and night. Stay updated on the MAXIMUS Smart Motion Security Light that’s set to release this summer.

Install Home Security

With the time change causing earlier nightfall, this time of year makes crime easier for burglars to commit. Keep your family and home protected by installing a home security system. Outdoor surveillance products like the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light allow the user to see and speak to anyone at their front door and get notifications on their smartphones whenever someone approaches the door.

Follow these helpful tips and winter will be as magical as living in a snow globe!