In the past we’ve mentioned that unoccupied and empty homes can be a target for vandalism and break-ins. We often overlook homes that are under renovation, however, this is a time when your home can be even more susceptible to break-ins. Keep your stress level down by following the necessary precautions for optimized home security throughout the renovation process:

Keep it Clean

Major renovation projects can get messy. Debris, tools, and an unkempt lawn show a burglar that the home is empty. Make sure to keep your lawn as clean as possible, and ask your contractor to lock up their tools at night.

Keep Your Home Well-Lit

Lighting is imperative when undertaking renovation projects, especially when parts of your home are exposed. Look into outdoor lighting and motion-sensor lights to keep your home bright after sundown. Smart Security Lights are a great option to keep an eye on your home throughout the entirety of the project.

Know Your Contractor

It’s important to know the people who will be in and out of your home. Do some research prior to signing a contract. Check the company’s references and reviews, and get quotes in writing. Furthermore, check to see how many workers will be hired for the project.

Change the Locks

Once the renovation has been completed, consider changing the locks. Depending on the scope of the project, dozens of strangers could have handled the keys during that time.

Keep Neighbors Informed

Keep your neighbors informed of what’s going on with your home. Give them the names of the individuals hired and let them know what vehicles and uniforms to look out for. This way if something doesn’t look right, you’ll have a few more sets of eyes watching.

Follow these handy tips to ensure that your newly renovated home will be kept safe and secure.