Think back to the early days of smartphones, when they were new and different and people were scared to take that leap. It wasn’t long before the world jumped on board. Now, almost ten years later, smartphones are dominating the mobile world. This rapid growth is similar to what is expected to happen within the smart home industry.

Parks Associates estimates that by 2020, 50 percent of households in North America will have smart home devices. This data accounts for 35 percent of the households in the U.S. alone. The same survey also found that 44 percent of households that do not have a smart home device plan to purchase one this year and turn their home into a smart home. All of this data means one thing: people want smart technology.

The movement towards a fully equipped smart home is here and people are adopting smart home technology at a faster rate. Connected consumers are looking for new ways to interact with their smart home products and technology that go above and beyond the product’s basic functionality and expected connected and controlled experience. Unfortunately, many smart home products can come with a hefty price tag. Aside from the cost, integrating an entire household at once can be overwhelming. The best way to ease into the smart home space is through smart security. This way, users can explore the idea of a smart home and get accustomed to the new technology with the added benefit of keeping your family safe.

Outdoor surveillance cameras like the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light don’t require much effort to set up. In fact, the smart light only takes about fifteen minutes to set up – for set up and installation instructions read more here. Aside from the simple setup, you can enjoy the new smart home technology and stylish outdoor smart light fixture with the knowledge of your home being protected day and night.

Take that jump into the smart home space just like you did with your smartphone. You won’t regret it!