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Review: Smart Home security shines brightly with the Wi-Fi Maximus Camera Floodlight

Read the article at NewEgg. To my utter shock and disbelief (the irony is certainly not lost on me) I get an alert from the Kuna app Maximus’ smart floodlight uses that there is a person detected on my property, and the notification preview shows a sketchy character on a bike approaching my door. “That’s odd”, I thought and clicked into the app to see what was going on, and watched the horror unfold. The... read more

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Review: Tech Gifts For The Holidays

Read the review at Whisky + Sunshine. Maximus Camera Floodlight. With a 1080p HD camera and 155° field of view, the Maximus Camera Floodlight is the perfect gadget to ensure your home is well-equipped to keep would-be intruders away. The floodlight can replace any existing fixture on the wall or the eave of your home. It sends real-time alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected, and, in the event of suspicious activity, homeowners can... read more