A Smart Look at Back-to-School Safety

For most parents, “back-to-school” can be an exhausting time and the safety conversation is often pushed aside as parents deal with the hustle and bustle of getting their child(ren) ready for the new school year. However, it’s imperative, now more than ever, to discuss potential threats with your children. Below is a guide to follow when talking to your kids about safety. Talk Safety Set expectations when it comes to safety – Most children are... read more


4 Myths Retailers Need to Dispel when Selling Smart Home Products

Educating consumers is key. Smart home products are rolling out in the masses as consumers look for ways to simplify their daily lives with smart home automation. Yet, consumers aren’t jumping at the chance to buy a new smart thermostat, touch screen refrigerator or connected light fixture. Price is partly to blame, but the main issue is that consumers don’t understand the benefits of a home full of smart appliances. To realize the opportunities and... read more


Retailers and the Adoption of Smart Home

Smart home products are rolling out in the masses as consumers look for ways to simplify their daily lives. Many low-cost solutions are on the rise and retailers play a major role in their adoption. As a retailer, it can be easy to throw new products on the shelf and leave it be, but smart home products need a little extra attention to help educate consumers on the benefits of smart appliances, lights, etc. to... read more


Alex’s test Blog post

Companies around the globe have taken your traditional home appliances – locks, thermostats, and lights and turned them into smart connected devices. Meaning, you can not only access them remotely on your phone, tablet, or computer, but also that they’re more than just lock or a light, they’ve got integrated functions. read more


Top 10 Benefits Of Using LED Lights

LED lighting provides three key benefits over traditional lighting; immediate energy savings, long-term maintenance savings and improved quality of light. Energy savings is gained over time, leading to lower energy consumption and decreased utility costs. Many of our LED products qualify for Energy Star rebates. See the rebate section for a listing of rebate programs in your area. read more