Whether you are moving into a new home or have lived in the same home for thirty years, it’s time to talk security. October is National Home Security Month and a reminder to evaluate your current home security system – or maybe time to think about purchasing one. Do you feel protected? If the answer is no, consider thinking about making an investment in your safety, home security and security lighting.

Although purchasing traditional security systems can be quite costly, there are several new smart home technology products that can provide excellent safety for a lower cost. Traditional home security lighting systems require monthly service fees and installation costs, but home security solutions like the Maximus Smart Security Light don’t come with all those extra hassles. Assembly and installation of the smart light is a simple DIY project and our smart security solutions do not require an appointment for home installation. Once the smart light is installed, video monitoring is simple with the help from your smartphone – and who doesn’t have one of those? Thanks to smart home technology, you have access to real-time alerts to prevent a break-in before it’s too late.

Advancements in smart home technology have made it so simple and affordable to secure your home, and since this month is devoted to home security, we’ve asked our very own CEO, Mark Honeycutt, to share some advice for new smart home shoppers to consider when purchasing home automation products.

Number one and most important, make sure that the smart home product really does help keep your family and loved ones safe. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before purchasing: 

  • Is the smart home product preventative or reactive?
  • Is the product easy to install and use? Read customer reviews to see other customer experiences.
  • Is the product performance reliable and does it work well all the time? Make sure the product is dependable and can be trusted.
  • Does the smart home product really provide peace of mind and convenience and is it meaningful to my daily life?